Ariston Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from countless generations. The Olives used in the cold-pressed process come from our olivies groves and neighboring families from the Kalamata region of Southern Greece.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extremely low in acidity (0.2 to 0.4%), resulting in an extremely advanced oil quality.




4 reviews for Ariston Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

  1. Eleonora

    Am procurat acest produs si sunt foarte multumita de Olive oil recomand cu mult drag Multumesc frumos si pentru delivery 🚚 rapid 🫒❤️
    Revin cu comanda cit mai curind❤️

  2. Andreea

    Healthy and tasty oil!💯

  3. Светлана

    Very rich and tasty oil.I am using it on my veggies like squash,tomatoes,potatoes 👌

  4. Lina Celac

    I was extremely pleased with the Greek products I purchased from this website! The olive oil was simply incredible in taste and freshness, and the olives were just as delicious. I also tried the jams, which were very flavorful and sweet without being too sugary. I was also impressed with the packaging of the products and the speed at which I received my order. I highly recommend this website to anyone looking to buy authentic and high-quality Greek products!

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